We are pleased to introduce our selves a LED Lighting company working in line with the world objective of energy conservation and environment optimization, to achieve this are regularly upgrading our LED Technology of various products keeping constants connectivity with international developments in this field. Our manufacturing arm is located at GHAZIABAD……. mainly aims at energy conservation as above. We support “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign initiated by government of India being very energy conscious of conservation. We manufacture LED lightening products with Driver and DriverOn Board, which is the latest trend in International Market. From past several centuries we humans have been destroying the environment of the planet. It’s high time; our living planet is dying by each day passing. Let’s join our hands in saving and nurturing our own Mother Earth. Each and every small step taken by us today will help the future generation of mankind and animal kingdom.

“Save Energy, Save Money, Save Mother Earth”

Switching to our eco-friendly LED lightening products save 80% of electric energy, emits less amount of carbon and generates very less heat in comparison with ordinary lightening products. The unique selling preposition of our products is the technology we use to manufacture and quality that we deliver to our customers. All our products are safe and approved by BIS. Features of our LED lightening products are given below.

 Auto adjustable as per voltage supply
 Break resistance
 Low heat generation
 0% Mercury emission
 Optimum utilization of energy
 Durable
 Low Carbon emission
 Eco-friendly
 Pocket-friendly
 Warranty for 2 years
 Easy to maintain and handle
 Quality product

We are specialized in providing household, commercial and industrial lightening solution for optimum utilization of energy. For indoors we have a complete range of LED Bulbs, LED T8 Tube lights, LED Down Lights
and LED Mine Lights. Highly sophisticated technology is used in manufacturing these products. We use IC Based Technique which eliminates the usage of driver and we also using driver for best quality products. Based on both technologies we supply parts to the Lightening Industry and Lightening Designers. We provide parts of body and module that works without Driver and with driver also. We have complete solution for lightening and can customize as per the prospect demand.


LIVYA also deals in small & major home appliances, its also known as domestic appliances, that Electronics machine help in functions such as cooking and food preservation that help in household functions. Home Appliances are in small and major appliances. Home appliances product such as electric kettle, electric geyser & gas geyser, induction cooker, JMG (Juicer mixer grinder), GMG (grinder mixer grinder), Immersion Rod, water purifier, washing machine, Water Heating Tap (Instant Water Heater)  etc.


 We are a manufacturer variety of needs in the industrial appliance industry. Industrial appliance manufacturers  commercial equipment that is much larger and heavier than traditional home appliances and are commonly used in professional kitchens, hotels, factories, and malls.  we offer short lead times and low-cost solutions for companies in this industry. we are provide Commercial appliances are more durable with higher quality.


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